We care.

We believe in new, environmentally-conscious technologies to turn the tide on the climate change.

Impact of data centers worldwide

By now, it’s a cliché that data is the new oil — the high-tech fuel of 21st-century economic progress. Unlike oil, we often think of data as having no physical form and, therefore, no environmental impact. This couldn’t be more mistaken.

190 TWh

Global data center energy demand



of global electricity demand



of global CO₂ emissions


IT Equipment Power share
(a.k.a. Data Center infrastructure Efficiency)



Non IT Equipment Power share
Includes: cooling, lighting, uninterruptible power supply, cables and transformer losses.

See more:
International Energy Agency – Data Centers and Data Transmission Networks 2021;
Uptime Institute – Global Data Center Industry Survey 2021

Impact of ByteNite

We don't use Non IT Equipment Power.

All the generated heat due to processing is dissipated by the environment, thanks to the inherent distribution of computing devices.

we save 37% energy

What does this amount to?

Suppose that we serve only 1% of the global cloud computing market:

Total energy savings

703 GWh

Carbon Dioxide equivalent

500mln kg



Greenhouse gas emissions avoided by

wind turbines running for a year


Carbon sequestered by

acres of forests in one year

We must stop the trend.

Electronic waste is polluting the world we live in and there will be no going back.

E-waste and pollution

So-called e-waste from products such as old computers, printers, mobile phones, pagers, digital photo and music devices, refrigerators, toys and televisions, are set to rise sharply in tandem with growth in sales in countries like China and India and in Africa and Latin America over the next 10 years


Metric tonnes of e-waste produced every year


Share of small IT such as personal computers and smartphones in e-waste

Metals and substances contained in e-waste

brominated flame retardants








The solution of ByteNite

We grant old or abandoned devices a second life.

Your old-generation smartphone, PC or tablet can run ByteNite instead of winding up in the trash. You’ll earn money and combat pollution at once.

we recycle 7% e-waste

How many "thanks" from the environment?

If we can convert only 1% of the smart devices e-waste:

Total recycled e-waste

40k Mt

Nature will thank you 40,000 times!


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