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The most cutting-edge high-throughput computing system for video processing.

What is ByteNite

ByteNite is a cloud-native platform for video processing based on the computing capacity of common user devices, instead of server farms.

This new way of facing large computing workloads is not only cheaper, but significantly faster than other standard cloud video services, due to exceptional performance allowed by parallelisation.

Who are you?


Unleash the true potential of your device

You can join ByteNite’s grid through our ByteNite App*: install it on your devices (smartphones, tablets or computers), let it run in background and earn money and benefits effortlessly by “nite”.


Harness on-demand considerable computing power at high speed

Deploy your video processing tasks easily through our platform*: utilise our templates for pre-built jobs, including transcoding and AI applications, and get a full support for custom job creation.


There are

1 bn
Mobile devices (2022)​


1 h
On average per day

Companies spend

$ 1 B
In cloud IaaS (2022)

and use

1 TWh
for powering data centers

It's time to do better!

The power of innovation


The great number of devices in ByteNite’s grid, their hardware diversification, geographical distribution and heterogeneous connectivity allows and guarantees flexible resource provisioning.


The commodification and customization of computing services, plus the existence of an optimal delivering pipeline, make the whole process from data ingestion to output upload extraordinarily agile by shrinking the time for intermediate operations.


The more nodes are in the grid, the less time is needed to process partitioned jobs. This fact makes ByteNite solution competitive and preferable to classic cloud and on-premise computing for a variety of use cases.


Deploying distributed computations on existing and commonly active devices is a green alternative to provisioning new hardware and building new  infrastructure; as a matter of fact, our distributed computing model guarantees tasks of small size through highly-parallelized computations, thus having a small energy impact on each single device.

Furthermore, distributed computing realizes processor heat dispersion, removing the need of artificial cooling systems: the environment’s entropy is enough.

Finally, ByteNite allows recycling old or abandoned devices by granting them access to the grid as well. Therefore, the owners can decide to extend their devices’ lives by converting them into ByteNite worker nodes, contributing to lowering the average replacement cycle of electronic devices and combat pollution.


Any task deployed to the grid can potentially disclose sensitive or secret information to malicious subjects. Therefore, in addition to securing the data against disclosure and corruption with most advanced protection techniques, ByteNite system is designed to encapsulate the data and the executables sent to the devices inside isolated runtime environments, deployed on smart devices through an App, which acts as a black box and ensures illegibility of data on behalf of the users.


Foundation (Italy)

ByteNite Srl, a limited liability company, is formed in Italy.

May, 2021

Alpha release

An early software supporting distributed video transcoding is released for white-box testing.

Watch Video Jan, 2022

Foundation (USA)

ByteNite Inc. is established.

Feb, 2022

Product launch (video transcoding)

Coming soon...

1Q 2023

Watch keynote speech by Founder & CEO

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