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We implement the most cutting-edge high-throughput computing system for empowering data processing and analysis.

What is ByteNite

ByteNite is a cloud-native distributed memory system supporting Big Data parallel computations. ByteNite’s worker nodes are common devices owned by any physical person or device provider or private/public entity, like smartphones, tablets, computers, wearables or game consoles.

Unleash the true potential of your device

Users passively join the distributed computations with their devices through an App and earn real benefits in the form of cash or purchase of affiliated items.

1 bn
Number of devices worldwide (2022)​

Harness an incredible existing computing power

Customers can deploy their computing tasks onto ByteNite’s grid via a dedicated platform featuring a set of pre-built tools and supporting accurate cost/performance control.

$ 1 B
Public Cloud IaaS Spending Worldwide (2022)

The power of innovation


The diversification of utility devices in ByteNite’s grid allows and guarantees flexible resource provisioning.

The high availability of devices, which can be reached out through mobile or wireless networks roughly at any time, and the customization of utility computing services, plus the existence of an optimal delivering pipeline, make the whole process from data ingestion to output retrieval extraordinarily agile and shrinks the overall time for operations.
Partitioned jobs take as little time to process as the number of nodes in the grid is high. This fact makes ByteNite solution competitive and possibly preferrable to standard cloud computing in a variety of situations.

Deploying distributed computations on existing and commonly active devices is a green alternative to building new cloud computing infrastructures, inasmuch it guarantees highly-parallelized and low-intensive computations and realizes heat dispersion, thus without the need to use additional cooling other than that provided by the environment.

In addition, ByteNite allows recycling old or abandoned devices by granting them access to the grid as well. Therefore, the owners can decide to extend their devices’ lives by converting them into ByteNite worker nodes, contributing to lowering the average replacement cycle of electronic devices and combat pollution.


1 Twh
Energy Demand in Data Centres Worldwide (2021)

Cooling and power provisioning are the main sources of energy consumption by data centers.

1 mths
Average Replacement Cycle of Smartphones (2020)

Besides their natural deterioration, the continuous technology advancement fosters an early replacement of smartphones.


Any task distributed over the grid could potentially disclose sensitive or secret information to malicious subjects. Therefore, in addition to securing the data against disclosure and corruption with most advanced protection techniques, ByteNite system is designed to encapsulate the data and the executables sent to the devices inside isolated runtime environments, deployed on smart devices through an App, which acts as a black box to the user and ensures illegibility of data within the grid.

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